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The Gold Is Back!


The term “Golden Triangle” refers to a metropolitan area of extreme Southeast Texas near the Louisiana border, formed by the cities of which are the largest in the area, Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange. “Golden” refers to the wealth that came from the Spindletop oil strike near Beaumont in 1901.- W.T. Block & Sons


Industrial Expansions & Future Growth


Currently, With an estimated $171 BILLION in current & projected industrial projects, and more than $4.5 BILLION in Infrastructure the Gulf Coast Region is experiencing Growth like never before! There is more than $460 MILLION in Commercial & Retail needed to support the projected Growth. Investing in the Region is required to sustain Retention.  Our Extensive Connectivity, Airports, Highways, Rails, Waterways, Ports and pipelines makes SETX|SWLA an Attractive Place to Work, Live, Raise A Family in Top Rated School Districts with ample opportunities for Small Business Owners.& Conduct Business. 

In Orange County alone, the numbers are in the Billions!!!

That, with the housing Industry, which is seeing a huge shortage, with over 40k homes to meet the influx of Families who will be looking to relocate there.

The Golden Triangle is composed of Innovative Leaders who Strive to Inform the Masses of the Growth we are now seeing! The Ports are seeing significant changes with the numerous LNG Facilities popping up throughout Sabine Pass, Port Arthur Industrial

 As well as resources to acquire training for the multitude of opportunities for employment for any skill set.  

SETX WORKS has up-to-date employment opportunities. 


 TexLa Development Group & Consulting, Inc.


Texas Realtor®, & Entrepreneur & SETX Local, Raising Awareness of Flourishing Growth across Multiple Sectors in SETX/SWLA.  We believe “Growth thru Unity ” is the Catalyst to Promoting Change in the Communities where We Urge Retention in The Golden Triangle. As we continue Building a Trusted Partnership, We have resources available to support your decision to Invest in SETX/SWLA. Including Job Training, Placement to Land Acquisition, Development Consulting, Commercial Remodels.


Boren Construction & Consultants, Inc.


Home Builder:

Boren Construction & Consultants, Inc,

235 Roberts Ave.

Bridge City, Texas 77611


Nationwide Industrial, Commercial, Residential General Contractor & Developer 


Living in the Golden Triangle


The Gulf Coast Points of Interest, scroll to bottom, Has many Natural Attractions for Family Enjoyment. The coastline of Texas stretches over 300 miles, the upper stretch the crown jewel of our region, where offshore fishing is popular. Beyond the Gulf Shorelines lies one best-kept secret in Texas:  the Gulf of Mexico, known for its globally unique ecosystem with a diversity of habitats, fish and wildlife. Gulf habitats are essential to the annual cycles of many species of breeding, wintering and migrating waterfowl, wading birds, shorebirds and songbirds. 


Bird Enthusiast 

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The key facts about the Port: The Port is the 8th largest port in the nation in terms of tonnage, the Port of Beaumont is the number one strategic military port in the United States, the Port of Beaumont supports more than 67,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs, and more than $130 million in projects are under construction at the Port of Beaumont.


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